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Bitchin’ Bikes in Sanlitun from THE drive-thru/Trouble Bar

*THE drive-thru is now Trouble Bar located at China View, 2 Gongti Donglu, Chaoyang district
85900390. They still build bikes, stock helmets, bags, and other bike gear, and sell beer. 

Beer, bikes and herbs (the kind you cook with). This combination makes for quite a unique store. That’s what Brick and Cici were thinking when they opened THE drive-thru in Sanlitun SOHO. Now, I have been known to frequent THE drive-thru as a beer patron however for the past couple of weeks Brick has been working on a special bicycle project for me. 

Over the past year, the bike paths in Beijing have seemed to transform from a slow path of old, rusty bicycles with broken brakes to a motorway of bright colored bikes with no brakes. While the fixed gear trend probably isn’t for me, I did decide to ditch my store-bought bike for something a little more bitchin’.

Enter Brick at THE drive-thru. I paid Brick a visit and we discussed components, sizes, styles, colors and cost. We set a budget and then his creativity and ability to track down parts went to work. The result: a sick bike constructed mostly of carbon fiber and a thrilled customer (see photos). I should also note that Brick will work with most any budget and idea that the customer has. THE drive-thru also stocks bike gear like Bern helmets, Crumpler messenger bags and soon they will have Scullcandy headphones and Abus bike locks. 

For contact information, check out THE drive-thru in our directory or their homepage



One comment on “Bitchin’ Bikes in Sanlitun from THE drive-thru/Trouble Bar

  1. kegator
    May 23, 2013

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